How do I pay? 

Using a debit or credit card. We accept most cards.

Do you take bank transfer? 

No, not for this platform.

What is CVV? 

The 3-digit number behind your card.

How does installment work?
Installment plans start after you make your first payment. You next payment will be the next month. For example, if you pay on the 25th April your next payment will be the 25th May. If you choose 2 payment plans that mean two time payments. After your payment is completed you will no longer be charged.

Can I cancel an installment or get a refund? 
No. except in specific concerns based on our discretion.

How long does refunds take?

5-10 working days before it will show in your account?

Can I cancel anytime? 

Yes, you can cancel anytime in your account or email the team at info@successpower.tv

Will I have access after I cancel? 

No, you won’t be able to access any courses and private calls.

What if I buy the courses? 

You will always have access to any course you purchased.

Can I join the facebook group? 

Yes, if you are a premium member you will have access. No access after cancelling.

Can I get a refund? 

We can’t issue refunds after you have joined.

Can I download the content to my device? 

No, this will not be possible. We might have some contents for you download such as workbooks, transcripts, etc.

I am having problems with login? 

Change your password or contact the team for help at info@successpower.tv

Can I give other people access to my account? 

No, this would be a copyright infringement and we could cancel your membership instantly.

Can I get Sam Adeyemi’s number? 

No, this is private and confidential.

I want to invite Sam Adeyemi to speak at an event, workshop, consult, coaching for our company?

Contact the team at info@successpower.tv for more details.

I am not happy with the content can I cancel? 

Yes, you can anytime. We would appreciate your feedback.

My question wasn’t answered in the private call what can I do? 

Email questions@successpower.tv or wait till the next session. You can share it in the facebook group for help.

Will I get access to the replays and previous private calls if I missed them?

Yes, within the premium area only.

I can’t log in or password not working?

We suggest the following: 

• Clear your browser cache. 
• Try opening incognito mode if possible.
• Make sure you are copying/pasting the links correctly. 
• Restart your Mobile device if possible. Try again.
• Try another device just to make sure.
• Check your internet connection. 

If none of these options work. Do contact us and we will arrange a zoom or Skype call.

How do I contact your support team?
Use the support option on the website. Our Customer Success team will get back to you with 24hrs. On weekends they will reach out next working day.

How do the Private Calls work? 
This are set up by Dr. Sam Adeyemi and scheduled by him. You will receive an email with a link to join the call and he will take your questions for one hour. 

My question wasn’t answered?
Send your question in via email. Thank you.

How do contact the Customer support & Helpdesk?

Click HELPDESK | CUSTOMER SUCCESS TEAM| response time is within 24hrs.

How do I login? ​

Go to Welcome Portal to access your courses. Watch the walkthrough video.

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